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My website header was created by SJ Designs.

Awesome Photography by Mia Baker


Looking for fun, colorful, handmade collars for the smaller dog then checkout Zuzutopia!!
D' S Dog Designs

Coats and jackets to fit REAL dogs! 
Totes that are just the right size.!
Are you tired of trying to find doggy coats that FIT? Well, look no further. At D's Designs, each jacket is made to order JUST for YOUR dog.

The Zoomies
Issues and Interests for all Dog Lovers
Donors Choose
Help fund projects or supplies for school children in need.
Chako is a national Dog Owners' Education and Advocacy Group! CHAKO is for all dog owners, of all breeds, pure and mixed, show, pet or working, all over the United States. CHAKO does NOT have 501(c)(3) status. Not having 501(c)(3) status allows us to fight for dog owners, without restrictions! We fight, and we fight hard! We hold public education events, offer CGC testing periodically, and battle laws that adversely impact responsible dog owners.  Please help support this valuable organization. http://www.chako.org/
Reunion Rescue

Our Mission Statement
*To save good-natured, affectionate pit bull dogs from euthanasia by sheltering, training, and preparing them for a lifetime as loving pets.
*To offer training programs for prospective adopters.
*To create a foster family network for puppies and dogs waiting to enter the Reunion training program.
*To educate the public through media as well as instructional and outreach programs.
*To provide a model of a positive hands-on solution for other shelters and communities to follow


PetPlace.com, combines the expert knowledge and unending passion of the world's top veterinarians and animal hospitals with cutting-edge web technology to create an education and support system for all pet owners. PetPlace.com is dedicated to increasing your bond with your pet by providing you with information to help your best friend live a longer, happier and healthier life.  http://www.petplace.com/

Three Dog Bakery

Their mission is simple:
To fresh-bake the world's best dog biscuits and give dog lovers everywhere a healthy, all-natural, bone-ified treat to give their favorite four legged friends. http://www.threedog.com/

Ethical Bull Breed Rescue and Referral Inc.

This is a place for Bull Breed rescuers to join forces, networking dogs in need. This site is available to any of the bull breeds or mixes there of, please take a look around if you have ever considered adopting a bull breed dog or would just like to learn more about all of them.  http://www.ebbrr.org/

Grateful Dogs Rescue

Grateful Dogs Rescue (GDR) was founded in 1992 by Michelle Parris, a former volunteer at the San Francisco Animal Care & Control. Her mission was to save dogs from the shelter that weren't made available for adoption. Over a decade later, Grateful Dogs has saved hundreds of dogs from euthanasia and has found them loving homes. We are a registered 501(c)3 organization that is run entirely by volunteers. http://gratefuldogrescue.org/

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