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Name: Mary Shoebridge
Date: 01/28/15
Message: Looking for nice collars for my two border collies

Name: Audrey Bowen
Date: 01/14/15
Message: I love this site!

Name: Lisa Ventura
Date: 01/27/14
Message: Great Collars! They are very durable and beautiful and the craftsmanship is amazing! Thank you! I have 2 for my pups now I am going to order a 3rd for my 3rd pup!

Name: Lisanne Bond
Date: 01/09/14
Message: Valhalla cannot WAIT for her " I'M DEAF" collar! It's a big transition for us but we will adapt! I just have to find a yellow bandana saying the same thing on both sides and we're good to go!!

Name: Implexity Designs
Date: 12/06/13
Message: Hi! I noticed your Spoonflower purchase of my Game of Thrones fabric & just wanted to touch base. If there's anything specific (especially the geeky stuff) you're looking for & can't find, please let me know! Have a nice day! implexity.llc@gmail.com http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/implexity

Name: Shea Kuhn
Date: 11/20/13
Message: Love your designs

Name: Chris Dixon
Date: 11/08/13
Message: Great

Name: tara
Date: 09/22/13
Message: Can I get vinyl all around- with no exposed nylon? It doesn't have to be the black glitter. (My dog likes to roll in, well, bad things) ;o)

Name: Holly
Date: 08/12/13
Message: Is there a catalog that can be mailed also?

Name: Seth Williams
Date: 07/13/13
Message: All three of our dogs wear your collars. We frequently get compliments on them and asked where they came from. I've never seen "off the shelf" collars with the design options and quality.

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